Web Development:  TPPS090317

Project Description

Julie Condliffe, one of our most valued clients, challenged us to put together a solution to empower her existing brand by adding a podcast to it. We were tasked to come with a solution that would increase her conversions, establish a growing subscribership for the new podcasts while increasing her brand awareness as well. We proposed a .live dynamic responsive website which hosts her podcasts, while we took it as a challenge to setup the actual podcast environment, integrating to iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud and more. We created an amazing brand for it, if we should say so ourselves, as well as a lot of marketing material. We also initiated a Social Media Strategy that is seeing her podcasts soaring with subscribers.

Project Details

Client Julie Condliffe
Date March 2017 – on-going
Skills Branding, Web Design
View juliecondliffe.live

Branding the Podcasts

We take branding seriously, so we created a really sleep corporate identity around it. We did not only create the graphics, we created the audio collateral for the intro and outro of the show as well. When you go with us, we ensure you go all the way to the top!

So we suggested a Mobile App

That’s right! At the fraction of the usual cost for this type of project, we delivered a mobile app within 9 days. A record time for us, if we do say so ourselves. In a few weeks this app will begin what will become a financial revolution in the property investment space for those starting and those who are already pros.

Let's get to work!